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3 types of software

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Software is the language of a computer. And like human language, there are many different computer languages. Essentially, computer software can be divided into three main groups which depending on their use and application. These are 3 types of system software or operating system which referred simply as the OS, application software and programming languages. Usually most of us interact with a computer using application software.
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Collection of program or bunch of programs called as software is of two types:

3 types of software :

3 types of software
  1. Application software :  This is that software, which serves specific purpose and allow the users to create application which are for a given purpose like financial accounting, payroll, examination, human resources management etc. This software can be further classified, depending upon the sourse of development as well the users.

2. Pre-writing application software :

These are those software package, which are developed by group of people ar an individual to use by other. The most commonly available prewriting application software is :

A) word processing software :

These are that 3 types of software, which usually automate the day to day documentation work of an organization. It helps in creating texts, manipulating, formating and printing of the text, so that the drafting, redrafting, typing again and again manually now become easy and less paper wastage as well the time taken also is reduse a lot. Word star, WordPerfect, Microsoft word etc. Are some of the avaliable word processors.
3 types of software

B) Electronic spread sheet:

Electronic spread sheet are like sheet of paper with rows and columms. ESS alloelws numbers, characters, formulae and all other types of data which has to be entered in tabular form into rows or columns. Usage of ESS gives significant advanteges and benifit over using paper spread sheet. Some of the most commonly available and used spread sheet are lotus 1-2-3,  Ms-Exel etc.

C) Data base management system :

Data base is an organized collection of data, which is logically related. The data has to be manege so that the retrieval of information is effective and easy. Managing data involves creating, deleting, updating, adding, modifying data in databases. Along with these querying are printing reports also comes as DBM. DBMS is a software package that allows a user to perform above function. It also allows multiple computers sharing the data files. Some of the DBMS package used by people are Dbase, foxpro, clipper, paradox etc.
3 types of software
This DBMS  technology has been subjected to many improvements and advanced DBM software has been evolved which are called RDBMS ( relational data base management system), QRDBMS ( object ORIENTED RDBMS) etc. Oracle, ingress, SQL server, infomix, Sybase, Db2 etc. Is the some example.

2. System software :

This is that software which is used for developing or running a computer system. Thus software controls all processing activities and make sure that the resources and the power of the computer are used in most efficient manner. System software consists of following software.
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A) operating system:

Operating system is a set of program that control and support hardware and provide various service which are used for better operating performance of the computer. The major functions of any operating system are:
  1. It assigns processors to tasks
  2. It manage memory and other storage area.
  3. It acts as a command interpreter.
  4. File management.
  5. Input – output management.
  6. Establishing data security & integrity.
  7. Maintains account of processer time for building perposes.
  8. Provides data and time survise etc.

The operating system can be classified as single user and multiple user depending on the number of users working on it at a given point of time.

DOS is a good example of single user operating system and UNIX;windows – NT, LINUX etc, are some of the common multiple user operating system.
3 types of software
B) Language processors:
As a digital computer accept digits and character as input, however this input is not understable by the computer. To make the computer understand it, the input has to be converted into machine language.
The software make this convertion and increases the productivity of the programer is called language processers or translators.
There are two basic types of translator.
  1. Compiler: compiler is software that will accept the total program code as input and then converts it into machine code that means converts sourse code into objectvcodices:COBOL, C.
  2. Interpreters: interpreters also done the same task of compiler but it does in a different manner. The interpreter takes the programe code line by line and converts it into machine.

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