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0 Graphic Design Software You Should Not Miss

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Adobe Photoshop

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As the oldest graphic design editing solution, Adobe Photoshop is aimed at all types of graphic designers, artists, and photographers. It allows users to design icons, posters, banners, mobile apps, and websites via availing easy-to-use tools and built-in templates.

For photographers, this software boasts tools that aid in creating and improving pictures, making impressive works of art out of photos.

With this app,

You are able to make and advance illustrations, paintings, and 3D artworks. Unique effects and patterns, along with brushes also support in the customization and creation of digital works.

What’s more,

It comes with brush management, brush smoke smoothing, paint symmetry, luminance masking controls, and access to Lightroom photos.

Adobe Illustrator

If you want a standard app for vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator is what you need, guys.

It has a vast array of tools that can significantly aid in the creation of graphic designs for brand logos, print, websites, and video games. It also works well with vector graphics, permitting you to come up with finely crafted designs, sketches, topography, and illustrations.

Is there anything else?

This software allows for quicker design creation thanks to its built-in templates and design presets. Its integration with Adobe Creative Cloud lets you share anything you want with ease.


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To be claimed as the world’s most popular online photo editor, Pixlr boasts over 600 effects, borders, and overlays that allows you to perform everything correctly. For instance, you can resize or crop a photo, remove red eyes or even whiten teeth.

In case you’re used to availing Photoshop, you soon discover that Pixlr’s user interface is easy to avail.

Simply speaking,

If you want a bit free-editing on your phone before publishing any photo on social media, this app is a good choice.


Inkscape is described as a feature-rich and open-source graphic design software that is available for free download on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This app mainly concentrates on the SVG format as its main file format. Besides, it comes with a perfect SVG integration, aiding many advanced features that aren’t available in other apps like cloned objects, alpha blending, and markers.

With full support for various color modes, Inkscape is a viable alternative to Illustrator for both web design and printing. Although its interface is simpler, it’s possible to acquire sophisticated artwork.


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If you’re serious about 3D graphics, you should take a keen look at Blender.

Its free, open source 3D software is used in the creation of 3D printed models and apps, video games, visual effects, arts, and animated films. It comes with a native path-tracer engine that lets you come up with realistic rendering.

It can be said that,

This software has excellent modeling tools which can be availed to edit, create, and transform modelsquickly.Meanwhile, its camera and object tracking functionalities permit to view camera movements in 3D format, import and track footage.

Serif DrawPlus

To be famous for a simple and easy-to-use interface, Serif DrawPlus involves a vector editing tool for use in the creation of images and logos. It also comes with layout templates to support you to place page objects, images, and text.

What’s more,

This app can get rid of unnecessary elements in your design. It even lets you add details to your images and shapes. And in case you want to add a touch of 3D to your drawings, Serif DrawPlus can offer some surface effects and lighting effects to help you.


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Want to edit an existing SVG file or output SVG quickly?

Aside from using Adobe Illustrator, SVG-Edit is another open format that lets you reproduce your vector drawings programmatically.

This software is built entirely on CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript without asking any server-side processing. That’s why you cannot only avail it to create or edit documents but also download and modify the code, creating your version as you need.


Continue starting with the graphic design software that works right in your web browser, Sumopaint!

It’s both an image editor and painting application that allows you to access your work with ease. Remember to create your own account to upload images from your computer into the app and then edit them.

With a light and familiar-feeling interface, you are free to use pencils, brushstroke options, and a standard color picker to do what you want.


graphic design software 5

GIMP is described as a perfect alternative to Adobe Photoshop and an ideal tool for both graphic designers and photographers. Its photo manipulation feature is highly improved, and the flexibility of the tool also permits you to make crystal-clear graphics.

This app’s interface is entirely customizable, and the full-screen mode lets you view and edit at the same time. Although not all the extensive features are available, there are lots of features offering a great experience.


You can use GIMP on Windows, Linux/GNU, and OS X. And this is one of the best choices when finding the great software for beginners.

Adobe Dreamweaver

The last name in our list is Adobe Dreamweaver, a full mobile and website content visual development software.

It lets you create, manage, and publish web apps, content, and websites from a single dashboard. It also comes with a huge array of features that you use to create your own websites. And these websites can be observed from any device using any browser.

Thanks to customizable templates from the app, site designers can introduce their products to the web instantly and easily. It even supports coders to make fast updates and edits. And when creating web apps and sites, you only code it once, and then the software will DO the rest for you.

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